If you have gently loved used books you’d like to donate or sell to our bookshop, please read on!

We are always happy to look at used books and see if we can use them at our bookshop. In general, we are selective in the kinds of used books we will take in. It is hard to define the criteria for what kinds of books we accept. It often depends on what gaps we want filled in at the bookshop at any given moment. But we also have our own preferences for certain authors, titles and editions, that we know will always be in demand.

If you have books you think would be a good fit in our bookshop, please first send an email to or message us on Facebook or Instagram with some photos of your books. Group photos are fine if you have more than a few books to unload. Please do not bring in your books to our bookshop without first having contacted us in advance.

If we are interested in your books, we will contact you to make further arrangements.

We do not accept books for store credit, nor do we do trade-ins. Sorry.

In certain cases involving very rare or unusual books, we are happy to sell your books for you on consignment.

If you still have questions about our book buying process after reading this, please feel free to shoot us an email at, or call us at +1-585-582-6366.