Item #16106 Mendon Ponds Park: Fairchild's Dream. Jack Butler, Ham Diane.

Mendon Ponds Park: Fairchild's Dream

Ponds Press, 2023. Trade Paperback. Item #16106
ISBN: 9798989065400


Mendon Ponds Park, the largest park in New York State's Monroe County, was formed by the recession of the glaciers 13,700 years ago. Professor Herman LeRoy Fairchild of the Geology Department at the University of Rochester recognized how unique this five square mile area was in North America. He began petitioning the local government in the 1920s to preserve its glacial geologic features of kettles, kames and eskers for future generations. In 1928, Mendon Ponds Park was inaugurated. Today the Park encompasses 2700 acres of woods, wetlands, ponds and meadows. In 1969, it was named as a National Natural Landmark.Jack Butler has been leading Fairchild Walking Tours of the Park since 2021. Diane Ham has been the Town of Mendon Historian for forty-five years. Together, the authors combine their knowledge and experience to write a comprehensive account of Mendon Ponds history, glacial geology, flora and fauna, former residents, and unusual features. Our objective for 'Mendon Ponds Park: Fairchild's Dream' is to inform, educate, and entertain readers while collecting and preserving facts and data that have never been consolidated into one volume.

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