Item #1313 Sports Science for Young People. George Barr.

Sports Science for Young People

Dover Publications, November 2011. Trade Paperback. Item #1313
ISBN: 0486265277


Does a curve ball really curve? Why is a football made to spiral when it's thrown? How is the bounce of a basketball tested before a game? These and hundreds of other questions are answered in this fascinating book--an easy-to-follow examination of the scientific principles underlying baseball, football, basketball and other sports.
In clear, simple language, noted science educator George Barr presents physical concepts that can help youngsters improve their athletic skillswhile making them more knowledgeable spectators of sports. Inerita vs. motion, gravity, speed, trajectory, and action vs. reaction are among the topics covered in Mr. Barr's well-illustrated presentation.
Here are intriguing descriptions of what happens when baseballs are pitched and batted, and the physical processes involved in catching, fielding and running bases. You'll discover how the principles of momentum come into play in football, while a discussion of basketball provides scientific insights on the movement of the ball around the court in a high-speed game. A special chapter on the athlete's body describes how certain principles of physics can affect a player's ability to perform, and how youngsters can improve their performance by letting science work for them instead of against them.
While most of the book is devoted to baseball, football and basketball, the author has also included a delightful chapter on other sports. Here are the answers to such puzzling questions as: What helps riders keep their balance on a bike? Why do golf balls have dimples? and more.
Sure to appeal to any athletically minded youngster with an interest in the science behind the sports, this book is one "no school library shelf whould be without" (New York Herald Tribune).

Price: $11.95

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