consignment terms for local authors

Local authors who have published books are welcome to contact us if they'd like to have their book or books stocked in our shop. Please review our consignment terms below to find out how you can get your book to us and some of the things we look for in self-published books when deciding whether to carry them in our shop.

1) All consigment requests should be hand-delivered or mailed to our location in San Po Kong. A proper consignment request will include the follwing: one copy of each title the author would like stocked in our shop and a completed Bleak House Books (BHB) Consigment Agreement form (available for download here). Please do not call or email with consigment requests since we cannot make a decision anyway about whether we want to carry your book until we've gotten our hands on it and seen it with our own eyes.

2) If we decide not to carry your books, we will ask you to pick them up. If you will not be able to do so, we ask that you provide a self-addressed, pre-paid envelope so we can mail them back to you. Shipping expenses are the sole responsibility of the author/consignor.

3) For a book to be eligible for consignment at our shop, it must have, at a minimum, the following:

  • Printed and bound spine displaying the title and author name (no spiral binding).
  • Paperback, hardback, board or equivalent cover displaying the title and author name.
  • 13-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and bar code.
  • Suggested retail price, either printed on the book and/or provided to us via BHB's Consigment Agreement form

4) BHB will not pay more than 60% of the retail price to the consignor.

5) The consignment period is 3 months but can be extended at the discretion of Bleak House Books depending on a variety of factors the most important of which is the success of the book.

6) Bleak House Books may request additional quantities from the consignor during the consignment period for sale at its shop.

If you've read and are okay with the above terms then please download and complete our Consignment Agreement form which repeats and expands upon some of the above terms, like payment, and contains a few additional terms.