Item #69 Grandma Grandpa Cook 2: Wastenot Gourmet 老爹媽思廚2:惜福料理

Grandma Grandpa Cook 2: Wastenot Gourmet 老爹媽思廚2:惜福料理

ArtforAll/MCCM Creations, 2023. Trade Paperback. Item #69
ISBN: 988999805X


This sequel to the award-winning Grandma Grandpa Cook draws on the wisdom of Cantonese grandparents near and far. They know that ‘useless’ and ‘useful’ are relative concepts. Don’t want your bread crusts? Toss them over a compote for a simple dessert. Unsure of how to use your citrus rinds? Boil them with sugar for a refreshing cordial, or steam them with shrimp roe for a gourmet meal. But Grandma Grandpa Cook 2 is more than a guide for turning leftovers and scraps into surprising delights. Family recipes come with heartwarming stories. One grandma tells the wartime story of cooking pebbles with rice. Another grandpa has a special recipe for chipped rice. Have you ever made tea from burned rice? Hong Kong neighbourhoods lend special dishes: Sanatorium Chicken Wings from Wanchai, Turnip Abalone from Kam Tin, Tai O's Chicken In A Hurry, late-night Chop Suey from Belcher Point, and the 18-ingredient Buddha's Delight served at many monasteries on Lantau Island. This edition is published by Art for All, with consultation from MCCM Creations.

Price: $24.00

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