Item #218 Thirty-Six Views of Lion Rock 獅子山三十六景. Romain Jacquet-Lagréze.

Thirty-Six Views of Lion Rock 獅子山三十六景

Blue Lotus Editions, August 2022. Hardcover. Item #218
ISBN: 9887619205


Lion Rock is not just any mountain, it’s Hong Kong’s most famous peak laden with symbolism and meanings that are evolving over time. Inspired by Hokusai’s important woodblock series “36 Views on Mount Fuji” which was created in 1830, Romain set out to capture Hong Kong’s famous peak in a similar yet contemporary fashion, in order to express the many faces of this legendary mountain top. The Lion Rock is featured in each of the photos, some in a far distance obscured by high rise buildings, traffic or bustling markets. In other images, it is more prominent, far removed from the urban jungle, oozing peace and tranquility. Some photos are shot at the break of the day, others during the blue moment at dusk. In short, “36 Views of Lion Rock” reads like a letter to the mountain that Hongkongers know and love so well. 作為香港著名的山峰及地標,獅子山不僅僅是一座山,她其象徵主義及含意,隨著時代變遷而不斷演變。Romain 因受日本著名浮世繪畫家-葛飾北齋的木版畫系列《冨嶽三十六景》所啟發, 決定以類近但現代化的方式,去捕捉這座香港名山的三十六景,以影像娓娓道來這份傳奇的故事。 每幅作品都能夠尋找到獅子山的蹤影,有時候她靜伏於遠處,被高樓大廈或是車水馬龍的鬧市半掩;又有的時候她會遠離塵囂,享受著平靜且安寧的郊野。有些作品攝於剛破曉的一剎,有些攝於日落西山之際的藍色時分……《獅子山三十六景》正是一封情書,送給香港人最熟悉和熱愛的山峰。

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