Around Town

Whenever possible we like to promote Hong Kong's literary talent. Below is a list we cobbled together of what we think makes Hong Kong the cultural oasis it really is, chock full of local folks doing good work. We will be updating this page periodically as we discover more folks and orgs in Hong Kong of the literary bent.

 If you or the organization with which you are associated would like to be included on this list just drop us a line and we will gladly consider your submission.

Blacksmith Books - looking for Hong Kong-themed books by local authors? Blacksmith Books can help. Started in 2003 by Pete Spurrier, Blacksmith Books has published some of the most interesting books about Hong Kong lore and culture around with titles like Sheriff of Wan Chai: How an Englishman Helped Govern Hong Kong in its Last Decades as a British colony; Hong Kong on the Brink: An American Diplomat Relives 1967's Darkest Days; and Street Life Hong Kong: Outdoor Workers in Their Own Words. If you're lucky you might even find some of their titles at Bleak House Books!

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal - an English-language, digital journal founded in 2007, featuring occasional writing competitions. Based in Hong Kong but has an international following and flavor.

Hong Kong Writer's Circle - founded in 1991, a writer's resource and support group. 

Hong Kong International Literary Festival - started in 2001, annual literary festival, held over several days in Hong Kong, usually featuring world famous writers like Seamus Heaney, Louis de Bernières, Colm Tóibín, Jung Chang, and Yann Martel.

Hong Kong Book Fair - 2017 saw the 28th annual iteration of this popular fair. Books, readings, and literati up the wazoo. What else can a book lover ask for?!

Hong Kong Young Writer's Award - held every year, this contest is for the 18 and under set who want to make it as writers and artists, or just show off their talents. Areas of competition span from the traditional -- fiction, non-fiction storytelling, cover art -- to more avant garde areas like digital storytelling. If you're interested in participating or know someone who might be check with his or her school since only schools registered with this outfit can submit entries on behalf of the individual contestants.

PEN Hong Kong - part-Amnesty Int'l, part-AA for writers, academics and creative-types who want to preserve the sanctity of the written word.

Penguin Books China - read Orwell's Animal Farm entirely in Chinese, or find the latest from China's emerging literati set. Penguin has found its way to China, and has made itself a nice there, putting out beautiful and interesting books.

Spicy Fish Cultural Productions (水煮魚文化): a mainstay in Hong Kong's literary scene, Spicy Fish publishes one of Hong Kong's most popular literary journals, 字花 or Fleures des Lettres. They also host cultural events and tours including one about the history of San Po Kong, our neck of the woods. Not to mention that their offices are right next door to ours!

West Kowloon Cultural District - this mega-project has been in the works since 2013 and seems to be in a perpetual state of construction. For now there's a park and various cultural events which make it an ideal place to unwind, regroup and then return to writing that great novel of yours. And it will be great!